Friday, September 9, 2011

Take a Look Into Our Classroom...

Hey everyone.  I am so excited to have a this blog up and running for all of you!  It will be a fun way to see what we are doing in class and interact with our class.  Our class will actually go on the blog every Friday and see what I have posted as well as read all the comments parents are making.  So make sure to come on weekly and make a comment for us to read.  I can't tell you how much the kids will enjoy reading comments from their parents, grandparents, siblings and even family members in other states.  I will also post little things about what Mrs. Kaeding's Family is up to so that you can get to know me better:)
So here is our classroom...hope you like!
This is our carpet area.  I like to call that big screen our T.V. (its really a Smart Board)!   This is where we do whole group activities, sing songs, read and write.  We actually spend the majority of our time right here.
 These are our cubbies and back counter. Do you see the theme in my classroom.  If not keep looking and you will get it!
This is our Word Wall area.  We have pocket charts, writing center and computer center.
 Our Reading Nook! You can also see our art center.
 This is Mrs. Kaeding's Domain!  This is where I do reading groups:)
 This is our board that is out in the hall.  All of our take home art projects will be out here.
 This is our door (sideways...OOPS!) But we did a fun project where we decorated our names with stickers.  They turned out cute.
Hope you enjoyed! Until Next time!

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  1. I love the classroom!! I especially love the rug area and reading Nook!! What a fun classroom. Avery loves all the different songs she sings at Kindergarten. She has taught all of them to her entire family!! Thanks for all the hard work that you are doing!!